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Phone:+255 710 123 661 Email:


From your time as a student to your post-graduate experience as an alumni, SAUT Dar Centre  support and amenities continue, as a result of your connection to the SAUT  Alumni Network, now over 5,000 people.


SAUT-DAR CENTRE is a centre of the St. Augustine University of Tanzania (SAUT) located at “Msimbazi Centre” in Dar es Salaam hence the name SAUT-DAR CENTRE. The Centre runs programmes of study as approved by Tanzania commission for Universities(TCU).

SAUT-DAR CENTRE as a learning centre is under SAUT institutional governance and management structure. It was established in 2007. The main purpose of its existence as a School of Graduate Studies is to provide access for postgraduate studies where Teaching and Research are integrated in the process of learning for the whole period of study.

Dr. Darius Mukiza

Lecturer, Coordinator of Post Graduate Studies& Coordinator of Public Relations and Advertising Unit School of Journalism and Mass Communication- University of Dar es salaam

I have BA, MA & PhD in Mass communication. My PhD centres of Political Communication, Advertising and Marketing. I have the experience of nine years teaching in different universities. I am currently researching on the use of semiotics in 2020 election campaigns online graphics.

My academic life has been at St. Augustine University of Tanzania (SAUT) Dar Centre. SAUT is among the best universities in Tanzania particularly in Mass Communication studies which I pursued. I wish SAUT DAR CENTRE  Staff all the best in their duties.